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In addition to enjoying the benefits of belonging to a unique group of diverse professionals leading the way in their industries, members use our powerful networking tools to share information, services and foster key connections. This keeps you informed, current and competitive.

The International Association of Professionals with Disabilities offers members a platform, tools, products, and resources to help construct a personal brand that most accurately represents and promotes your achievements, and realizes your goals.

Our staff writers and editors craft custom-made profiles and press releases for members to share on IAPD as well other platforms such as social media, personal and business websites, and any other digital marketing outlet to propel their personal and business brand to the next level. These are optimized to help you get the word out fast!

With membership, each member will receive an information packet with login credentials. On the site, members can further personalize their profile, adding images and additional information to strengthen them, and take advantage of the targeted search functions to connect with other members.


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Featured Members

Each year, The International Association of Professionals with Disabilities selects a limited number of members to be highlighted as Featured Members. Hand-picked by our staff for their leadership, industry achievements, and impact. Featured Members receive an exclusive profile badge and are spotlighted in an expanded professional profile in our online network, and on the homepage of the website.
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Benefits of Membership

As an IAPD member, take advantage of PR tailored specifically to your business, personal achievements, or simply capturing the essence of who you are. These powerful, SEO driven tools are available for your use on any platform. With direct access to other handpicked professionals, IAPD membership will launch your career to the next level.

IAPD is a community of global leaders and entrepreneurs from a myriad of industries. In addition to the immediate global networking and connection benefits, the IAPD provides multimedia programs setting members apart from the rest, increasing Internet presence. Your personal business profile will be posted on our site and readily available via all major search engines.


Personal Branding

At the IAPD we are dedicated to inform, engage, and support our members in their quest to grow their personal brand not only in businesses but also in personal life. It is designed for professionals just like you.

A strong and relevant Internet presence requires an attentive, accurate, professional and personal brand. A great personal brand can target social media and other forms of outreach, helping even the busiest of professionals reach their target audience first. The IAPD works on an individual basis to hand craft a brand that works not just with you, but for you. Our press release program implements a logo and custom profile that will be not only visible on our site, but also published simultaneously so that your brand gains top visibility online right away.


Personal Recognition

In the spirit of celebrating high achievers and recognizing leaders in our community, we take the time to honor our own standout members. The Newsletter, Member Spotlight, & Featured Member programs help these members gain outside exposure by pointing additional attention to their achievements.

Our Press Release program is an online media distribution service to share members with a wider audience. These are released to all major search engines detailing recent developments, highlights, and accomplishments of the spotlighted member.



The International Association of Professionals with Disabilities is a global network made up of motivated professionals representing diverse industries and expertise. Our goal is to provide global networking, business & career support, resources, empowerment, coaching, branding, and business tools to all our members to help them successfully grow their careers and businesses.

We inspire, develop, and empower our members to make a positive impact on their professional lives,  businesses and in the world. No matter what stage of your professional journey you’re on, we’re here to help you grow.

Expand your global network by joining our exclusive online community of dynamic, motivated, and accomplished professionals from varying backgrounds and fields to enhance your business, career, and personal success.

Membership allows you to leverage our online platform, where you can grow your network, enhance your brand, develop new business and career opportunities, and connect with like-minded professionals. We've tailored multiple categories of membership to represent the diverse situations and aspirations of our members.



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All members receive

    •            Account setup and activation
    •            Access to online platform
    •            Detailed and editable profile
    •            Connect & network with top colleagues across the world
    •            Expanded professional biography prepared by our editors
    •            Certificate of achievement
    •            Access to our networking concierge
    •            Phone & email support