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These diverse professionals are members of the International Association of Professionals With Disabilities, navigating paths of professionalism and excellence despite obstacles based on disabilities.

The International Association of Professionals with Disabilities (IAPD) is an organization dedicated to connecting, supporting, empowering, and advancing like-minded professionals with disabilities. We seek to empower those professionals who are making a difference in their work lives, families, and exemplify the power and strength of people with disabilities. These leaders are not alone, and by joining together as part of a vetted membership organization they can develop new connections, cultivate opportunities, accelerate professional development, generate business contacts, and mentor and coach fellow members.

Our focus at the International Association of Professionals with Disabilities (IAPD)  is to inform, engage, and support our members in this quest to grow, not only in business but also in personal life. It is designed for people just like you. We are here because we want to provide you with tools to succeed. We will give you opportunities for community, growth and the power of collaboration. Professionals, small business owners, and executives are our foundation, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve and realize your professional goals.

Across the world,  people with disabilities are a minority at the executive level. IAPD seeks to empower you who are turning the tide. Here, you can foster new connections with other empowered leaders, and help encourage others to springboard ahead, realizing their goals and highest potential.
Membership at IAPD means an ongoing commitment to not only the professional success of our members, but being involved in our community also means gaining support in life as a whole, from balancing work and family life to spiritual life, and having fun!

Our members share fresh ideas, values, and common goals, as well as a chance to build relationships with others from all over the world. Professionals represent IAPD membership from a vast range of professional backgrounds. We select members who have shown a track record of growth, and who have excelled in their industry. This includes those with experience in international finance, energy, technology, healthcare, legal, academia, education, business, entrepreneurship, and many more fields.

Here at the IAPD we seek to increase representation and level the playing field for professionals with disabilities . By striving to close the wage gap, and other common biases, we provide professionals with disabilities a common ground, forum, and united voice to increase their visibility, exposure, prominence, and professional brand in today’s global society. Take the first step on your journey to professional success by joining the International Society of Professionals With Disabilities today.

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